GoAeroMx Avionics

Our GoAeroMx avionics team is well informed about the latest avionics equipment and continually researches the technologies being implemented on the global arena – many being driven by regulatory authorities. Our clients count on us to keep them apprised of technological advancements as well as prepare customized solutions to meet their avionics or aircraft mission needs.

Our avionics liaison engineers plan the integration of avionics systems including documentation and installation instructions to prepare our avionics modification team with the products and tools necessary to expedite integration in your aircraft to the highest quality standards.

GoAeroMx is a partner to many of the key Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the avionics and aerospace parts market. Because we're not an OEM, we are totally unbiased when we identify and evaluate technologies to meet any client’s needs. Many of our projects require hardware, software and/or integration solutions. When recommending an avionics solution, we have one objective: to satisfy your requirements.

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