GoAeroMx Kitting Solutions

The GoAeroMx team has the in-house resources to support kit fabrication and delivery. Kits may range from a simple build to print for a client or fellow kit house to fully certified kits with Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) included. We can take a kit need from concept to completion, as well as provide support during installation and throughout the life of the product in the field.

Our kit development process starts with the initial concept and runs the development process for engineering design, material procurement, part fabrication, harness and parts manufacture, quality assurance, certification and shipment to the client. We specialize in avionics systems but can build kits for across multiple systems and ATA Chapters.

GoAeroMx has a strong relationship and proactively works with FAA, avionics OEMs and our clients to ensure compliance with global airworthiness and industry standards.

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