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The FAA 2020 Mandate

By the beginning of 2020, all commercial aircraft and aircraft flying in Class A, B & C airspace are required to be equipped with transponders having ADS-B out capability.

NextGen is the FAA’s plan for modernizing air traffic control and ADS-B is a critical piece, but just one part of it.

The Next Generation Air Transport System (NextGen) is a series of initiatives, improvements and in some cases aviation mandates to advance airspace capacity, efficiency and safety of the National Airspace System (NAS). NextGen is primarily driven by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), however; there is a global harmonization in process to ensure common aircraft equipage where applicable.

The process of improving the airspace, started in the 1990s and has been a work in process ever since. The FAA is moving from a legacy of ground based primary and secondary radar to space based and advanced terrestrial based platforms.

The three focus areas for the airplane and/or operator equipment needs are focused around communications, navigation and surveillance technologies to meet these evolving airspace needs.

GoAeroMx has been engaged in NextGen programs for many years and we are honored to serve as a trusted advisor for our clients.

Putting the pieces of the NextGen puzzle together is challenging and it can be a costly endeavor if not adequately planned and implemented. Let us help you identify solutions for your aircraft and mission needs.


Diagram Terminology

  • AOC

    Airline Operation Center
  • ASAP

    Aviation Safety Action Program
  • ATN

    Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
  • CDTI

    Cockpit Display of Traffic Information

    Controller Pilot Data Link Communications
  • DCL

    Data Link Communications
  • 4D

    Four Dimensional (Lat, Long, Alt, and Time)
  • LPV

    Localizer Performance w/Vertical
  • NAV

  • PBN

    Performance-Based Navigation
  • RNP

    Required Navigation Performance
  • SBAS

    Satellite-Based Augmentation System

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